CrossFit DHM Unit 6, Rennys Lane ,Dragonville Ind Est, Durham, DH12RS

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When I walked into Crossfit DHM for the first time I had no idea that this place and it’s community would change my life. I’ve always enjoyed sport, and having always been prone to building muscle and quite heavily built, but never very overweight, I wasn’t expecting any dramatic bodily changes, though looking at my two photos I can see differences in the way my body is proportioned now; my face is leaner, I’m much more toned and have a more athletic build now with a broader back and shoulders. My weight in numbers hasn’t changed a huge amount but I’m a clothes size smaller now.

For me the dramatic changes have been on the inside. I had never been confident in my appearance, but I’m proud to say that I LOVE my body now. There are still things I’d like to keep working on – but now my motivation is that I want to run faster, or lift heavier weights, and positive changes to my body happen as a result of that. My attitude has changed to value my body for what it can do, not what it looks like. How many women can squat over one and a half times their bodyweight, and lift nearly double it off the floor?

This attitude has helped in all aspects of my life, helping me progress in my career and build healthy relationships in my personal life. Training in a mixed group of men and women has been important to this too – yes, the men lift heavier weights, but we women do the same workout and put in the same effort, and we all support each other. This amazing community has been built by Dave and Joyce and I wouldn’t want to spend my evenings anywhere else – we’re not just a gym, we’re a family.

At 29 I’m in the best shape, physically and mentally, that I’ve ever been in. I can’t imagine this being the case without DHM, and I’m excited for the years to come. I’m already working on my 30th birthday present to myself – a six pack

Rosi Jelfs

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