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The before picture was taken approx 2.5/3 years ago at a time when my training was, at best, non-existent. I had started a new job which had disrupted my existing training routine. However, as my weight increased and training became more and more infrequent, I realised that I was using the new job as an excuse. It wasn't the new job to blame for not turning up at any number of available training sessions, or the job causing me to make poor food choices, and it certainly wasn't the job's fault that my weight was increasing rapidly.


So, I decided to re-join Crossfit DHM and completely commit to getting back to some level of fitness. At my first session back, I was welcomed by Dave & Joyce and all the members, both old and new, like I'd never been away. Within just a few short weeks, I was noticing drastic improvements in my general fitness, I was losing the weight I had put on and my overall mood and well-being was so much greater.


I started to appreciate the improvements and positive changes I was making, and as time went by I became increasingly interested in learning more around the fundamentals of Crossfit - the methodology, the programming, and how it is all put together in practice. This resulted in taking the CrossFit Level 1 course back in October 2017; which I thankfully passed, meaning I can now call myself a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. Since then, I have shadowed our Head Coach Dave; learning from his vast experience, understanding more about the art of coaching, and building on the knowledge that the level 1 course provides.


The after picture was taken during a mixed fours competition in November 2017. Looking back, I never thought I'd be in any sort of condition to enjoy competing- let alone feel comfortable doing so without a shirt on!!


At 35, I am healthier and fitter than I have ever been in my life and that is down to Crossfit DHM and the warm, welcoming community that Dave & Joyce create. They are supportive, encouraging and understand what motivates each and every one of their members, and what it is they want to achieve. The sessions are always inclusive and are designed with everyone in mind to ensure that everyone gets the best workout possible for them.


It's hard to describe quite how special a place Crossfit DHM is, there really is no other place like it to train.

Mark Davies

Mark Davies