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This is the blog of Dave Ranson, owner and head coach of CrossFit DHM, Durham.



By dave ranson, Apr 9 2018 01:52PM

I was asked yesterday about doing a "Paleo Challenge" again soon.

The short answer is no.

This answer deserves a little explanation, we have run several , probably around 10 "Paleo Challenges" or "Healthy eating"

The results we have seen during the challenges have been superb, with some good weight loss being achieved, but more importantly improvements in body composition.

So why are we not doing more, if they have been a success?

Because I don't measure success in the short term, I don't place a massive value on it, what I want to see is long term success.

To me this means, finding a balance, a healthy lifestyle, making sensible healthy choices MOST of the time.

The idea of the challenges to me is to introduce ideas showing you how to be better and healthier, the reality is that for most people it is seen immediately as a short term thing, with people taking it too far, being fanatical about it knowing in there mind that after the challenge they are going to return to eating "NORMAL"

No more short term extreme challenges, moving forward we are ALL working towards permanent change and improvement in health and well being....