CrossFit DHM Unit 6, Rennys Lane ,Dragonville Ind Est, Durham, DH12RS

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This is the blog of Dave Ranson, owner and head coach of CrossFit DHM, Durham.



By dave ranson, Nov 13 2018 09:33AM


We hold it at CrossFit DHM at Dragonville Ind Est, Durham.


Tuesday and Thursday 7am & 9:30am

How much is it?

It costs £5 per session, pay when you come in

What do we do?

That's THE question.

We keep it different every session, we combine lots of bodyweight exercise, light weighted exercise and cardio exercises.

We change how long the workouts last, todays is a long one, lasting 29 minutes....

Some days we might do Tabatas ( 8 x 20s Work 10s Rest )

Some days we do 5 different workouts 3, 4 or 5 minutes.

We work really hard to make every day feel different, that way the body never gets used to what your doing and is constantly adapting.