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By dave ranson, Sep 11 2014 08:25AM

Todays Skill will e Push Press

If you get time have a look at this short Matt Chan video, ignore the fact that it's from the Rogue Fitness Youtube channel and trying to sell you Rogue equipment.....


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/i0mElJo73EE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Never tried putting a video into the blog before, so hopefully one of those links will work

See you's tonight Joyce x

By dave ranson, Jul 17 2014 02:19PM

Tekkers - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A-QEbSMhJs

Get a head start by watching the Vid.....

By dave ranson, Jul 16 2014 01:22PM

So the general opinion seems to be....

You don't like me posting WOD's before hand

You'd rather it was a surprise

But don't have the self control to not look........

So here's last nights board complete with times

Well done, the #Masters did it at 8pm and it was a bit naughty........

Here's a tekkers video for you to have a look at.......

It's not in tonight's WOD ;-)


By dave ranson, Jul 15 2014 01:17PM

Here's a great article with some useful tips if you're in your first couple of years of doing CrossFit


Todays Sessions

CrossFit 6pm

CrossFit 7pm

Open Gym 8pm

Tonight we've got Front Squats, Push Presses, 200m Runs and Box Jumps..... how they're put together only I know....... get yourself in tonight to find out

How to improve Box Jumps http://therxreview.com/how-to-improve-box-jumps/

Free Trials Always available, www.crossfit-dhm.co.uk

By dave ranson, Jul 14 2014 09:20AM

Hero WOD "Randy"

75 Power Snatches for Time 20/35k



Dave Lipson does "Randy"


Power Snatch Demo from CrossFit.Com


Happy belated 30th to Craig Young

Enjoy the Burpees.........

By dave ranson, Jul 12 2014 08:27AM

So a couple of people are planning to do "Nancy" good luck.....

This weeks benchmark is "Angie" lets get some times on the board

Open Gym 10:00 - Noon

Benchmark 10:30



By dave ranson, Jul 11 2014 09:35AM

Great article by Charles Poliquin explaining some of the benefits of sprinting, hope you all aren't too sore, I'm pretty achy (if thats even a word)

Great work and well done.


Todays team WOD is will be fast and furious with a little bit of everything thrown in, 6pm tonight for your first pek at it.......

Skill will be another strongman toy so you can start to play in Open Gym

See you's all there

By dave ranson, Jul 10 2014 02:37PM

The flooring is as you all know a work in progress, we have made a lot more good usable space now and would like to think it will be complete by the end of the week.

Thanks for you're patience, it will be worth the wait...

From basic skills yesterday to technical today - HSPU's.......

The Daddy of all Metabolic work, Sprints and some nice heavy Back Squats

By dave ranson, Jul 9 2014 09:13AM

Back to basics on the Skills today

Strict Press - if your Strict Press isn't virtuous then it needs work......

Some nice basic strength to build up those horseshoe Tri's

WOD is a cheeky combo of Strongman and Ido Portal type work it will suck in the very nicest way.....

"Battle of the Beasts"

Lets get involved guys.......


First WOD announced 6th August

3 WOD's to complete, we will run it in a similar way to the CrossFit Open, and also put up a seperate white board for an in Box league

Got some more ideas on this, It'll be good for all of us so lets get registered.......