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This is the blog of Dave Ranson, owner and head coach of CrossFit DHM, Durham.



Programming Ramble

By dave ranson, Dec 17 2018 09:29PM

I read a piece today, unfortunately, I don't remember who the author was, he was talking about training and one particular thing struck me.

It made me stop and think because what he said is how I feel. I haven't always felt this way about the subject, but I'm still learning, that is why I read so much stuff that when I want to recall a writers name I draw a blank.

So to paraphrase he said " I don't want people to judge my workouts by how tired they feel afterward"

When I started programming for CrossFit DHM I used to try and pack in as much as I could, we still worked hard to maintain quality, but more often than not we missed the focus of the workout.

Over years of training and programming we have refined our selves and now focus on quality over quantity, now every session I write has a specific outcome in mind, and it is never just to make people feel tired at the end...

My old programming would always have a warm up, a strength component and a MetCon to finish off.

Now I realise this is not optimal for the majority of my members.

On strength days we now do strength, we like to combine strength days with technique or skill work if time allows.

On Metcon days we do Metcons, again if time allows we like to put some skill work in.

The biggest mistake I see is people trying to cram in too much. If you look at your session plan for the day and it is too much you will mentally under commit to the work you are about to do, your mind will slow you down, stop you going as heavy, or make you rest longer because it knows the workload is too great.

When you program the correct amount of work you can give 100% to the session and that is when you will make the biggest gains.

So next time you plan something and someone says lets "just" put this at the end as a finisher, be sure it matches your goals for that day.

If not it may be too much and slowing down your progress...

Stay strong Dave

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